Roberts Communication Scholarship

If you are a graduating senior and would like to be considered for $2,000 from Roberts Communication, please fill out the form below and email with a short essay about yourself!

This money is not just for going towards college, but rather a gift to help kickstart a career after high school. If you plan on going to college, it is another $2,000 to go towards education. If you are wanting start a business venture of your own then it’s a head start at making that happen. It’s yours to spend as you see fit.

Due by December 10, 2022.

2023 Graduating Seniors:
Roberts Communication Award to Graduating Senior
Presented by Sam Roberts


What high school do you attend?*

Contact info (phone number or email)*

Tell us about yourself:*

Write about a problem that you have or want to solve. It can be as big or as small as you can think of!*

Let's say that in the future your name turns up as the front page headline of a newspaper one day - what would the story be about?*

If you had $2,000 handed to you, what would you do with it?*

Would this money be used for education, a business idea, or something else? Let us know and there is no right or wrong answer!