Tornado Damage at Ingles Harbor (Jacob Hamilton/Cullman Daily)

Damage in Moulton & Decatur was confirmed to have been caused by an EF-1 Tornado that occurred on Thursday Morning.

The Tornado Started in Western Lawrence County eventually moving into Moulton – Causing Damage to Lawrence Medical Center

Staff Cleaning Up Damage at Lawrence Medical Center (Used with Permission, Courtesy: Kenneth Owens)

Roof Damage was also done to the Relax Inn at the intersection of HWY 157/HWY 24

Roof Damage at the Relax Inn (Used With Permission – Courtesy: Kenneth Owens)
Arial Photo of damage to Relax Inn (Courtesy: Gabe Thompson)

The Tornado also knocked out power for a big part of central Lawrence County

Joe Wheeler EMC Crews work to restore power (Used with Permission – Courtesy: Kenneth Owens)

The storm continued Northeast, moving into Decatur where it caused damage along HWY 20, flipping camper trailers at the Jay’s Landing area & 18-wheelers over, as well as turning over a lighthouse at Ingalls Harbor. There were also several roofs damaged near Ingalls harbor. The tornado continued into Limestone County, where it lifted.

Lighthouse Blown Over (Jacob Hamilton / Cullman Daily)

Below is the official Public Information Statement on the Survey from NWS Huntsville:

NOUS44 KHUN 130036

Public Information Statement
National Weather Service Huntsville AL
636 PM CST Thu Jan 12 2023

...NWS Damage Survey for 01/12/2023 Tornado Event...

.Highway 24 Tornado...

Rating:                 EF-1
Estimated Peak Wind:    104 mph
Path Length /statute/:  30.4 miles
Path Width /maximum/:   325 yards
Fatalities:             0
Injuries:               1

Start Date:             01/12/2023
Start Time:             8:09 AM CST
Start Location:         5 WSW Moulton / Lawrence County / AL
Start Lat/Lon:          34.4494 / -87.3637

End Date:               01/12/2023
End Time:               8:45 AM CST
End Location:           3 NNW Mooresville / Limestone County / AL
End Lat/Lon:            34.662 / -86.8991

Survey Summary:
A National Weather Service survey team, assisted by Lawrence County,
Morgan County, and Limestone County EMAs, determined the multi-
county damage in North Central Alabama was attributed to an EF-1
tornado with peak winds of 104 mph.

An isolated severe thunderstorm moving across the Mississippi/Alabama
border on the morning of January 12 quickly organized into a
supercell as it crossed into western Lawrence County. The
supercell produced a tornado as it traversed a ridge just west of
CR 101. Numerous large branches and trees uprooted were observed
in this location. As the tornado tracked east of CR 101 toward CR
117, a large number of softwood trees were snapped. The tornado
crossed CR 117, snapping and uprooting more trees, and causing
minor roof damage to several residences. What was likely the
center of the vortex, a single-family home was observed to have
minor roof damage and near destruction of a large metal workshop
behind the property. As it tracked east of CR 117, numerous
softwood trees were snapped or uprooted heading toward downtown
Moulton. Damage indicators along and near CR 117 were the focus of
this tornado and produced the peak wind estimate of 104 mph.
Moving northeast at this point, the tornado likely briefly lifted
before causing isolated damage in downtown Moulton. Minor damage
was observed at the high school baseball fields and roof damage at
Lawrence Medical Center. The tornado eventually crossed Highway
24 and caused roof damage to a motel near the Highway 24 and CR
157 intersection. From this point, the tornado caused sporadic
tree damage as the tornado was likely lifting and descending
through Trinity, AL in western Morgan County.

Crossing into western Morgan Co., the tornado was likely cycling
and lifting at times between Trinity and Beltline Rd. Power lines
and occasionally limb damage were noted. Moving toward highway 20,
minor mobile home roof damage was recorded at Kimberly Pines.
Further east, as the tornado crossed Highway 20, a tractor-trailer
was blown off the road and tipped over. The tornado approached
Jay`s Landing and caused several large campers to flip or be
displaced. Near this location, an injury was reported at a
recycling facility. The tornado approached Ingalls Harbor. Damage
to the law enforcement marina was noted near the shoreline while
several large trees were uprooted along Highway 20 in this area.

The tornado crossed the Tennessee River and continued to move
toward the northeast. Tree damage was noted on the campus of
Calhoun Community College, with minor damage to the baseball
complex as well. Cedar Trees were uprooted east of Pryor Field on
Garrett Rd. The final damage point was along Fennel Rd and Fennel
Ln, with large branches downed. The tornado lifted in this