Patrick Riley has been a Custodian in the Cullman City School system for the last 29 years. To know Patrick is to love Patrick. He is one of the kindest gentlemen you could ever have a conversation with. While children are at school, they can be reassured Patrick will greet them with a smile and always a friendly hello. The same goes for when a student or ex-student sees him out and about. His heart and love for Cullman City School, the students, and the staff goes well beyond four walls.

A tradition of Partick’s is each year he will spend a tremendous amount of time hand-making Christmas cards for the students. Obviously, it would be near impossible for him to make one for all students, but he gives it his best shot. The touch he puts on each card comes from his heart. The hand-drawn or painted cards should make their way to Hallmark to be displayed worldwide. It’s a talent for sure, but it’s the heart of a special Custodian that will forever impact the students.