On Monday, Leigh Ann Courington, a professor at Wallace State Community College, shared the following post on social media in reference to the Cullman Comes Out event which caught the eye of many:

“The devil is attacking our beautiful town of Cullman now apparently…and the police chief is in on it? I heard he was a crazy-a** liberal but this??? We need a rally by the you-know-what to put an end to this foolishness. Of course, it may be as well-attended as the Juneteenth event the white liberal weirdos tried to do a few years ago in Hanceville.”

The post has continued to be shared across social media through screenshots, although the professor has now deactivated her account.

Drama continues to rise from both sides

One figure who has caught the eye of many is “Gilly Shine”, a Cullman local who refers to himself as the sunshine wizard as a group has began to share information against him as the date approaches. 

A recent video posted on Gilly Shine’s social media

Cullman Against Groomers, a local social media page, have been alleging that Gilly is a threat to the community based off of data attained from his Twitter account.

Gilly Shine’s official Twitter account

The group has released information stating that Shine, who is co-hosting the event, follows multiple accounts that they say depict underage pornographic material and images of what appears to be rape and violence. Those behind the page have expressed concerns that because of this, they are worried the event will not be appropriate for all ages as advertised.

Local Church responds

Spring Hill Baptist Church has announced they will be holding a Prayer Vigil and are encouraging other Christians to join in this Saturday beginning at 8am at Depot Park, one week ahead of the pride event. They are encouraging other churches to join.

Terry Blankenship is currently the Pastor at Spring Hill church.

Event times and locations

Prayer Vigil – October 1st at 8am

Cullman Comes Out – October 8th from 6pm-10pm