A lawsuit was filed this morning by Shelia Haynes alleging that documents of public record had been withheld from her after repeated requests, claiming that she seeks to inform the public about the results of Cast Vote Records from the November 2020 where Donald Trump received 91% of the vote. She went on to state that these records can show statistical anomalies, and cited her work in this topic began in December 2021 at an event with Ms. Draza Smith. 

Earlier this year, Haynes announced a run against Sam Roberts for the Republican State Executive Committee where she was defeated in May with Roberts securing 53% of the total vote. Haynes has not commented publicly regarding her opinion on the execution of the 2022 primary election.

Tammy Brown stated that the Alabama Secretary of State’s office advised her that the documents requested by Haynes are not in the public format and only to be provided per court order.

The complaint from Haynes is read as follows:

This is a lawsuit seeking to enforce the right to inspect public records pursuant to the Alabama Public Records Law, Ala. Code 36-12-40(2013). Plaintiff, Sheila G. Haynes, a researcher, requested public records from Defendant, Tammy Brown, in her official capacity as Cullman County, Alabama Probate Judge, relating to production of JSON or excel files of the November, 2020 General Election Cast Vote Records (CVR’s). The Cast Vote Records can show statistical anomalies in any given election. This information is vital and important to the population of Cullman County, Alabama. Through her research on this issue, Sheila Haynes seeks to inform the public about the results of the CVR’s. Regrettably, Judge Tammy Brown though the attorney for the Cullman County Commission, Emily Neizer Johnston, has denied Mrs. Sheila Haynes’ requests for public records in violation of Ala. Code 36-12-40. This Court’s intervention is consequently required.

Tammy Brown Responds

Judge Brown sent the following statement to Cullman Daily as a response to the lawsuit filed by Sheila Haynes:

Sheila Haynes requested a full cast vote record for the November 2020 Election. We accommodated her request to the extent possible by providing her with public election information. 

During the time of her request Alabama Probate Judges, Sheriffs, Absentee Manager and Board of Registrars received info from AL Secretary of State notifying each of this public record request being made to various county offices throughout the State of Alabama and to only provide per a court order. After further review cast vote records are not public record and cannot be produced per request without a court order which the Probate Office never received. 

Cullman County has the best election workers and Probate Office staff and together they are one reason for fair and honest elections in Cullman County. There are a lot of different agencies and department that work together to ensure Cullman County elections are of the highest standard and they are. 

Another reason for fair and honest elections in Cullman County is a check and balance system in place to make sure that every VOTE that a voter cast counts to the fullest extent. My concern is no negative cloud be placed over the election process for you the voter or an election worker.