Winston County Commissioner Rutger Hyche published the following endorsement for Tom Fredricks on Sunday. Fredricks is currently running for Alabama House District 14 against incumbent Tim Wadsworth:

I have been approached by many constituents saying they deserve an explanation as to why I support Tom Fredricks. As an elected official I still have a right, by Alabama law, to speak freely about who I feel will best represent me, my family, and my constituents the way I would like to be represented. As a father, I owe it to my kids to make an educated vote because we aren’t just voting for today, but for the future as well. Decisions made by our elected officials will directly affect our kids in their coming years. Some of you may not agree and that’s great that’s your RIGHT!! We can agree to disagree. So here’s why I am supporting Tom Fredricks.

1. Tom is a good man, he’s a father and grandfather who has the future of his kids and grandkids in mind.

2. He’s loud, he’s proud and he will not back down.

3. He will represent more than just one area of the district and fight to get more of our money back from Montgomery to spread it around.

4. He’s a mechanical engineer that achieved his degree in less than 3 1/2 years. That’s hustling!

5. He’s a self-made businessman, who not only built his business to provide for his family but for over 50 other families as well. That’s creativity and willingness to push through hard times and persevere.

6. He’s true to his word!

7. I feel that if he was put in a position to vote on a controversial law, bill, or tax, he would come back to his constituents, ask their opinion and vote their will.

8. He can’t be bought and he’s not a part of the establishment!

9. I myself have been called, and I’ve heard the phone calls to him from the “establishment” with threats, “Wisemans words of wisdom”, and pure hate for a man. They are scared to death of him because they know he will not go along with the status quo. For me, that seals the deal. If the establishment that’s been in for more than a decade, doesn’t want someone there’s a reason. I wholeheartedly believe that he can’t be bought!

10. He understands just how hard people are working to help get him elected and if he doesn’t represent the people the way he’s supposed to, those people will work harder in four years to get him out!

11. As a constituent of District 14 I have been unable to contact my District Representative for the past 3 years. He will not answer calls and blocked me from all social media because I questioned why he voted against the will of the people without even a town hall meeting. So instead of communicating and explaining he shut me out – just as he did many of you.

There you have it. The top eleven reasons as to why I will be voting Tom Fredricks on June 21st. I was elected on the fact people wanted change. I ask you to give this man consideration for your vote on Tuesday if you truly want change.

God Bless and have a great Fathers Day weekend.