After over 29 years with the Cullman Police Department, Assistant Police Cheif Craig Montgomery, retires. The police department held a retirement luncheon today to honor Montgomery and recognize him for his work with the department. Montgomery expressed his gratitude to current and past officers, investigators, sergeants, lieutenants, and Cheif Culpepper for assisting him along the way.

Shortly after the retirement announcement, David Nassetta was named the new Assistant Police Cheif. “As Mayor, it is my job to appoint the Assistant Cheif. I take recommendations, but it was clear who was at the top of the list,” said Mayor Woody Jacobs. Nasetta has spent his career protecting the City of Cullman and will undoubtedly do a fantastic job as the new assistant.

Congratulations to Craig Montgomery on your retirement and David Nassetta on your promotion. Thank you to both of these men for always keeping Cullman safe.