Sava Gvero, now age 61, lost his hearing in his late teens after working around loud machinery in Chicago. Gvero moved to Hanceville, Alabama, twelve years ago and made his forever home. Moving to unfamiliar territory on top of having hearing loss was a struggle, but he managed until he met Veronica Dingler and Zach Weatherbee at Beltone in November of 2021.

Mr. Gvero made an appointment with Beltone in Cullman with Weatherbee to see about the possibility of getting hearing aids. He was sure his insurance would pay the majority of the bill, but to his surprise, he left feeling hopeless and discouraged. Gvero is confined to a power chair and relies on CARTS for transportation. As he exited the building, he made a comment, “I hate being poor.” Gvero lives here alone with no family, no help, and is disabled. Struggling month in and out to make ins meet and has to decide whether to take care of his health or eat. Although he struggles, he makes it work, but for Veronica, it wasn’t good enough.

Veronica said, “when Sava walked out that door, it broke my heart. He never asks for handouts and tries his best in life but keeps getting knocked down.” So Veronica took it upon herself and wrote a letter to the Beltone Foundation in hopes of receiving the funds for the much-needed hearing aids. “If I could make a difference in one patient’s life, I would be honored.”

Shortly after the letter was submitted, Veronica received the call that Mr. Gvero would be receiving the best hearing aids on the market at no cost. As a tear came to her eye, she couldn’t wait to get the news to Sava. Veronica contacted Mr. Gvero and set up an appointment for him to come to see them today at 10:30. Cullman Daily’s Jamie Speakman caught wind of the appointment and was invited to come capture the surprising moment.

Jamie said, “When I walked into Beltone, I spoke with Veronica for a bit and attempted to speak with Mr. Gvero. Gvero couldn’t hear me, although I felt I was yelling at him. I asked about the process and how long it would take for him to begin hearing when they put the hearing aids in and was taken back when Veronica said immediately. In my mind, I thought, this is a surreal moment for Mr. Gvero, and I am lucky enough to witness the happiness he is about to experience.”

Weatherbee was ready and called for Veronica to bring Mr. Gvero back for his new hearing aids. As Veronica and Jamie followed behind, Sava wheeled himself into the room where Weatherbee was waiting. Within seconds, the hearing aids were placed into Gvero’s ears, and the smile on his face was indescribable. ‘Amazing’ was one word that Gvero said over and over. “I am flabbergasted. This has to be a dream. It’s amazing,” said Gvero.

Although Mr. Gvero may not have been financially able to purchase hearing aids, God has a way of sending little angels like Veronica to care for someone’s needs and give that ‘Amazing’ ringtone to a thankful ear.