Parker Griffith Says Combat Veteran and American Hero Durant Has “PTSD”, Compares Him To Hitler & Mao

Today, conservative outsider Mike Durant’s campaign released the following statement labeling Parker Griffith’s comments on the Jeff Poor show a slanderous attack on all veterans and calls on Chief of Staff Katie Boyd Britt to condemn her Democrat endorser for playing politics with veteran’s mental health issues and comparing Durant to Adolf Hitler and Mao Zedong.

“This is a slanderous attack on all veterans. For Katie Boyd Britt to stand by and play politics with serious issues like mental health and PTSD when we lose an average of 20 veterans a day to suicide is appalling. This shows just how far Katie Boyd Britt is willing to stoop to get back to the Swamp that she would attack veterans and mental health to do it.”

Democrat Griffith proudly boasted in November: “I’ve got a Katie Britt sign in my front yard”.

“Chief of Staff Katie Boyd Britt must immediately disown her supporter’s disgraceful comments. Mike not only served our country honorably and with distinction for 22 years in the Army, but in the decades since built a tremendously successful company from scratch that employs hundreds of Alabamians. For Parker Griffith to compare Mike Durant to Nazis & Communists is appalling and Chief of Staff Britt should condemn this disgusting smear.”

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