U.S. Marine Sean Schofield is on his way to Ukraine to fight the war.

Retired United States Marine Sean Schofield served in Iraq during 2003-2004. After the Marine life, Schofield spent his time doing construction, mowing lawns, and spending time with his family. All was going great until the 10th day of the Ukraine war. “I got sick and tired of it on day 10. This guy (Vladimir Putin) is the second coming Hitler,” said Schofield.

The Ukraine government needs help, and Schofield felt ready to fight the battle. “If it were a war where it was uniforms against uniforms, I would probably say have at it, but he is seeking the Army guys out, he is killing anyone. I joined the Marines to be a good guy, and I want to help the people of Ukraine. Ukraine asked for help from anyone with experience, and I knew it was my time to help.”

Schofield isn’t sure where he will be needed or what role he will play when he gets there, but he is trained and prepared for the battle. What he can use is your prayers for not only him but his family here in Cullman. Schofield will not be getting paid while fighting, but the Ukraine government will feed him and provide shelter. His essential needs are taken care of, but he will need funds for travel and his family.

If you would like to donate, please mail a check to 311 2nd Ave SW. Cullman, AL 35055. Make checks payable to WCQT where an account has been created. Above all, we ask for you to keep Sean Schofield and his family in your thoughts and prayers.

Photo: U.S. Marine Sean Schofield and Col. Ken Brown shortly before Schofield’s departure to Ukraine.