Earlier Wednesday morning, President Trump released a statement where he withdrew his endorsement of Congressman Mo Brooks for U.S. Senate. The President cited Brooks comments during the August rally in Cullman where he called for supporters to “move on” from the 2020 election which were followed by boos heard through the crowd of almost 50,000.

Mo Brooks held a media conference after the news broke and said that he is disappointed in the decision from Trump, and claimed he is once again siding with Mitch McConnell “just like he has before.”

As both the Durant and Britt have both began their fight to earn the Trump endorsement, Cullman Daily reached out to each campaign on Wednesday morning for a statement on whether they felt the 2020 election was stolen. Mike Durant stated that he is “Proud to be the only America First candidate in this race and to carry the banner for President Trump.” Durant continued by saying that “The American People were robbed by the corrupt Democrats who changed the rules and then refused to investigate valid instances of fraud and then were shockingly betrayed by do-nothing career politicians who refused to investigate. We need strong Republicans who will fight on this issue, not weak-kneed Republicans who want to move on. We won’t move on, and we won’t forget!” 

The Britt campaign, however, did not release a statement on the matter after being contacted directly on Wednesday morning. Sources close to the Durant campaign reached out and confirmed that the former Black Hawk pilot met with the President on Monday (3/21) at Mar-a-Lago, just two days before he dropped his endorsement of Mo Brooks. 

Britt also held a meeting earlier this year with the 45th President after reports began to emerge that he was becoming disappointed with Mo Brooks as his endorsed candidate.

Trump is expected to make an announcement soon on which candidate he will be endorsing. For Durant and Britt, the fight for the May 24th U.S. Senate Primary is in full swing, but this election could fall into the hands of whomever the 45th President decides to ally with.