January 12th, 2022, started as a typical day for Jason Neal. He was up early tending to his business at The Duchess Bakery while preparing to go to his insurance agency and assist with his agents and customers for the remainder of the day. Jason needed to make a quick run to Wal-Mart, and that is when his day turned from typical to tragic in the blink of an eye.

While on aisle M3 near the back of Wal-Mart, Jason collapsed while he was suffering from Sudden Cardiac Arrest. Typically, less than ten percent of people survive when faced with SCA, but our Heavenly Father above was not through with Jason and sent the healing hands at the right time to assure his recovery. It certainly wasn’t an easy task as he was revived a total of eleven times. However, a team of heroes was simply not going to give up.

Enoch Hayes, with Cullman Emergency Medical Service, said, “Let’s try this one more time.” “Let’s try this one more time” came at the end or what we thought was the end. Multiple shocks and multiple drugs had been given to no avail. So I told the ER physician, let’s do this one more time, and that was the time that worked. He is only a few years older than me, and I knew eventually I had to give up, but I was just not quite ready.” Jason would spend four weeks in the hospital and rehab, and on February 10th, Jason Neal walked through his front door in his little neighborhood in Cullman, AL.

A miracle of this magnitude wouldn’t be possible without, first and foremost, Jesus Christ. On Sunday, March 6th, Jason met several first responders who assisted him during a terrifying day of his life. It was important for Jason to meet the people that God sent to save his life. Member of Cullman Fire and Rescue, Cullman EMS, Air Evac, 911 Dispatch, and Cullman Regional Medical Center were on hand yesterday as Jason and his family expressed their gratitude. There were laughter and tears, but there was one message that echoed. “God was not through with you on January 12th. He has more work for you to do through Him.”

Cullman EMS Director James Curtis said, “Yesterday we got to celebrate a second chance at life for a member of our community. Yesterday was made possible by the extraordinary efforts of a great team. 911 Dispatch, Cullman Fire and Rescue, Cullman EMS, Cullman Regional Medical Center, and Air Evac Lifeteam all came together for one purpose, and that was to make a difference in somebody’s life. It is a privilege to work with men and women who give so much of themselves to take care of others.”

Cullman Fire and Rescue’s Brian Bradberry said, “Many agencies play a part in providing good public safety services, and we are thankful to be a part of the team.

Successful outcomes require a lot of training, preparation, and hard work. Cullman Fire Rescue Firefighter/EMTs and 911 Telecommunicators set their goals and standards high, and we are proud of them all.

Emergency Responders respond to many tragic events and don’t always get to see the positive outcome from their life-saving work. We appreciate Jason Neal and his family for this unique opportunity, and we are so happy to see he is doing well.

Our citizens and city leaders give us the support we need to keep the community safe, and we truly appreciate the team effort from everyone who helps make days like today possible.”

Air Evac played a significant role in Jason’s transfer to Birmingham as they were able to keep him stable during the flight. Julie Ward Air Evac said, “Never underestimate the power of teamwork, especially a team that refuses to give up.”

Not giving up, no doubt, saved Jason Neal’s life. That “Let’s try this one more time” saved his life. The excellent staff at Wal-Mart saved his life. Jesus Christ spared his life to continue using him for His glory. The heroic effort on Aisle M3 may have been tragic on January 12th, but for Jason Neal, it is a testimony he will be able to share with others for years to come.

Jason Neal and his family would like to thank the many emergency responders, hospital staff, and Wal-Mart employees for your quick response and working tirelessly to assure Jason’s full recovery.

To the many people Jason was able to meet and thank during Sunday’s celebration. Cody Thompson Cullman Fire Rescue, Barry Lawson Air Evac, Lexi Farley CRMC, Hayley Henry CRMC, Jesse Oliver CEMS, Will Crumbley CEMS, Enoch Hayes CEMS, Dustin Wood Air Evac,
Kyle Elliott Cullman Fire Rescue, Joshua Clemons Cullman Fire Rescue,
Ian Namie Cullman Fire Rescue, Jason Daniels Cullman Fire Rescue,
Jessica Quinn Dispatcher, Cody Baker Air Evac, Chad Knop CRMC,
Kathy Jones CRMC Nursing Director, Samson Adewale CRMC, Lynn Lawson Respiratory Therapist, Amber Johnson Respiratory Therapist,
Nancy Cornell CRMC, and Dustin Naramore CRMC, we thank you.