Sometimes a true winner of a sporting event is not always the person or team who scores the most points, but sometimes it is the person who gives it their hardest, never gives up, and is not a sore loser. 

Last year, during the 2020-21 seasons, eight local schools received the recognition of being an AHSAA Sportsmanship School. A school receives this honor by not having any ejections during that school year out by having any fines sanctioned by the AHSAA. 

In 2020-21 those schools were: Cold Springs HS, Cullman HS, Fairview HS, Holly Pond HS, Good Hope HS, St. Bernard, Vinemont HS, and West Point HS.

Additionally, to those schools being recognized, they are also put into a drawing to win $1,000, which the AHSAA has given out $96,000 to date to its member schools for good sportsmanship.

In 2020, Chris Branham, the owner of Branham Tire and Accessories, went above and beyond to help a visiting football team on their way to play Cullman High School in a football game after one of their trailers had a flat tire. He gave them a tire to ensure they could make it home safe.

Sportsmanship can be shown by all people at the ball game and in all walks of life, including coaches and spectators. Because at the end of the day, a child learns how to act based on their parents’ behavior.

If you ever notice an athlete or local citizen exhibit good sportsmanship, let us know at Cullman Daily so that we can recognize them!