BamaCarry of Cullman County is pleased to announce our endorsement of Sheriff Matt Gentry for Re- Election as Sheriff of Cullman County And Champ Crocker for Cullman County District Attorney in the May 24, 2022 Republican Primary.

We are pleased to announce our Endorsement of Sheriff Gentry for Re-election Sheriff Gentry has been a leader among Alabama Sheriff’s in the area on constitutional carry.

Sheriff Gentry has shown the past seven years he is a supporter of the second Amendment by having dozens of firearms safety classes, church safety classes and many other self-defense classes helping citizens learn how to properly use a firearm. Sheriff Gentry fights to protect the Constitutional rights of every Citizen.

We are pleased to Endorse Champ Crocker for District Attorney

Champ has proven to be a strong supporter of the Second Amendment and has worked to protect our Gun Rights across the State. We know Champ will be a fighter for victims, active in our community and go to work every day to keep the families of Cullman County safe. With over twenty years as a practicing Attorney in Cullman County Champ understands the needs of the Citizens in Cullman County.We believe that Champ will bring constitutionally based common sense stand your ground cases, sending career criminals to prison and many other issues to the Cullman County District Attorney’s Office.

We are pleased to offer these two gentlemen our full support and we encourage the citizens of Cullman County to support them as well.


Members of Cullman County