The name ‘Tucker’ is not the most uncommon but certainly not the most common. An estimated 1,012 people in the United States carry Tucker’s first name. Tucker is in the 96th percentile meaning nearly 3% of all first names are more popular. Out of 100,000 Americans, 0.32 people are named Tucker. In the last 100 years, roughly 29,650 babies have had the name Tucker. Source: My Name Stats

Although the research of the first name Tucker may not be 100% accurate, it is certainly close. Again, it’s not the most uncommon but certainly not the most common name in America. But, for Cullman High School Bearcats basketball, ‘Tucker’ dominates the court.

Allow me to introduce you to Tucker Apel, Tucker Gambrill, and Tucker Cagle. Out of twelve players on the Bearcats basketball team, three are named Tucker. Apel #4 and Gambrill #32 are both Seniors, while Cagle #11 is a Junior. Cullman, coached by Stu Stuedeman, has been ranked in the top 10 in 6A for essentially the entire season. They currently have a 21-3 record, and their eyes are set on a state championship. The Bearcat system is brutal, to say the least. Being a leader and starter requires hard work, dedication, and tremendous passion. While all of the players on the roster exemplify the requirements, the three Tuckers are honored to be in that top role. Not only do all three start the game for the Bearcats, but they are also dominant on defense, and each of them is averaging over 10 points per game.

Tucker may not be the most common name across the United States, but Tucker reigns on the court for the Cullman Bearcats. If you haven’t had the chance to watch the dominating Bearcats, they will play their final regular-season game at home against Gardendale this Thursday. The Bearcats, as 6A Area 14 Champs, will host Decatur on Tuesday, February 8th, in the first round of the Area Tournament, and you are guaranteed to be excited watching all three Tuckers.