Lindy Blanchard, a candidate for Governor, has spent much of her time on the campaign trail in the place where she has put the core focus of her campaign on: Alabama schools.  And when Lindy visited schools in Cullman County, one of the primary questions asked students was if they plan to pursue a higher education, and if not, then why? 

When speaking at a local high school, Lindy asked the group of seniors if they plan to pursue a higher education, and if not, then why? One student quickly raised his hand and cited that medical reasons are what is keeping him from going on to a University. When asked for more detail regarding the situation, the Senior said that they are afraid to get the Covid vaccination because it’s “so new”, and feels like it is a violation of his decision to choose. He went on to state that almost all Alabama colleges will not admit students into their Universities without being fully vaccinated against Covid-19, and Kay Ivey is refusing to do anything about it.

Lindy then posed a striking question to the group of High School seniors, asking “how many students here today are have not and do not plan to get vaccinated?” Over 75 of the 120 students in attendance raised their hand. According to the mandates put in place by many Alabama colleges, none of these students would be eligible to be admitted into the Universities simply because of their Covid vaccination status.

Blanchard assured the students that when she is elected Governor, that measures will be implemented to prevent colleges from being able to deny students based on their Covid vaccination status. She acknowledged the order put in place by Florida Governor Ron Desantis that bars Public Institutions from requiring vaccination for students, and ensuring that she will remove the red tape that is discouraging and preventing many Alabama high school students from pursuing a higher education.