Auburn University Baseball and former Cullman High School Pitcher Will Morrison is gearing up for a season to remember on the Plains. When the first pitch is thrown in mid-February, Plainsman Park will be packed with over 4,000 screaming fans cheering on their faithful Auburn Tigers. But, for Auburn Pitcher Will Morrison, he will take the mound only hearing one voice screaming, ‘Go Will Go.’

You see, Morrison has one biggest fan named Kadan Stansell Johnson, also known as Captain America. Kadan is a true superhero who changed the lives of many while he served his time on earth. On May 21st, 2021, Kadan received his angel wings and soared his way into Heaven to meet Jesus face to face. We can only imagine his first words when he saw his Heavenly Father up close and personal but what we do know is he was finally able to run freely again and tell Jesus all about his friend Will Morrison.

When Stacy Johnson told people about Kadan and about him coming into their family during his final days on earth, most people couldn’t fully wrap their minds around how this would impact the Johnson family. Stacy said, “most everyone was silent. They had no clue how to respond. The number one thing I remember our friends and family saying was, “you have to remember you have other children. How do you think this will affect them?” Kadan needed a Momma and Daddy to love and care for him while battling cancer, and the Johnson’s with the biggest hearts on earth stepped up to the plate and did just that. “Our kids were affected, but good gracious, they loved.” The whole family embraced Kadan and loved him as if he had been part of the Johnson family since he was brought into this world.

Stacy’s daughter Reagan loved her Kadan. Reagan just so happens to be the girlfriend of Auburn Pitcher Will Morrison. Reagan and Will spent a lot of time with Kadan, and every now and then, Kadan would give away some of his superhero secrets to the two love birds. If you could say he taught the two anything, it would be how to love unconditionally. Unfortunately, Reagan and Will didn’t have the opportunity to spend a lifetime with Kadan, but what they were able to gain during the short time they had will last forever. Will’s message was short and to the point but also extremely impactful when he said, “KADAN CHANGED ME.”

When Will Morrison takes the mound for the Auburn Tigers, you may notice something written on his glove. Inscribed is Kadan’s date of birth, ’06/27/2010.’ Will may have over 4,000 screaming Auburn fans inside Plainsman Park, but he will only hear his biggest fan screaming ‘Go Will Go.’ So when you see #33 in his orange and navy, take the field, just know Kadan Stansell Johnson, aka Captain America, is smiling down and cheering loudly for his favorite player.