Year after year the Cullman County Tournament delivers and this year’s edition shouldn’t prove any different. The guys have shown us that anyone can beat anyone, and the girl’s side, well… it’s going to take a Superwoman effort for someone to upset the Lady Raiders. 
Boy’s Bracket

Fairview (13-10) have taken the No. 1 seed, the seed that has won the last five years. What’s different about this year’s one seed? While the Aggies have taken down seeds 2-4 (Cold Springs, Hanceville, and Good Hope), but then have lost to seeds 5-7 (West Point, Holly Pond, and Vinemont). I encourage you to find another season where that is the case for the No. seed. The Aggies will look to right their recent wrongs and grab some major momentum before the postseason starts.

Cold Springs snagged the No. 2 seed with a big win early in the year over area, but have dropped two to Good Hope, the four seed. Hanceville comes in as the No. 3 seed. While they haven’t been able to get past Cold Springs or Fairview, they have split with Good Hope. Good Hope, the No. 4 seed, I believe is the most interesting. They have dropped one to Fairview, beat Cold Springs twice, split with Hanceville, and as of late are red hot(winning 6 straight).

If you’re keeping up, that means between seeds 1-4, only the one seed has taken an “L” to a team seed 5-7. What does all of this tell us about this year’s tournament? Bucket up because we are in for a treat. We may or may not get big upsets, buzzer beaters, or instant classics, but one thing is for sure: there will be chaos. 

Prediction: Good Hope over Cold Springs

Girl’s Bracket The girl’s side couldn’t be more different. No. 1 seed Good Hope has demolished everyone in sight, with one exception being a five point win over Fairview. Their long three losses have come to top 5 competition from the ranks of 2A, 6A, and 7A. Other than that with Ivey Mattox, Rudi Derrick, and then Bailey and Heather Tetro Good Hope has looked unstoppable. 

West Point comes in as the No. 2 seed, only losing to Good Hope, but have four of their county wins coming by 5 or less points. Fairview snagged the No. 3 seed, but has only 3 losses to the higher seeds by a combined 10 points. Cold Springs, the No. 4 seed, has proven they can push West Point and Fairview to the brink, but then has suffered huge losses to the Lady Raiders. Seeds 5-7 have failed to take down a top four seed. 
What it boils down to in the varsity girl’s side of the bracket is teams not named Good Hope are playing for second. Consider that bulletin board material or ” yummy rat poison,” but until someone figures out how to slow down the four headed monster that is the Lady Raiders, it looks to be tough sledding for seeds 2-7. 

Prediction: Good Hope over Fairview.