Growing up and playing sports is nothing unusual. Many kids will often play youth sports because their parents want to see them on the field or their parents were pretty good at sports and want their kids to be like them. The number of children that continue from youth sports to middle school and high school drop tremendously. That number decreases even more so from high school to college. Whatever sport is played, the athlete has to have a strong work ethic and passion before they have the chance to succeed.

Basketball is a sport of endurance, hard work, and passion. But, for Bailey and Heather Tetro, it’s a way of life. The twins have grown up playing basketball together, but their chemistry on the court is what’s impressive. Yes, they are twins, and yes, they have played together for many years, but it’s like they know each other every move. Whether it’s a direct pass, behind the back, through the legs, or some form of pass that will mesmerize the eyes of spectators, they are always in the right place to finish a drive down the court. The Twins, as several references to them, are not your average basketball player. They are not the tallest or biggest players on the court, but their skill level makes up for their size.

A prior coach of the twins said, “Bailey and Heather taught me a lot about coaching. I have coached girls for many years but never had two that showed the passion for the game like they showed. They were always at practice early and would leave late, but when the practice was over for most of the girls, they would go home and continue their skill level and agility. They literally never stopped. It never mattered what role we put them in on the court; they played hard. I could send them in to cover a post player, and they would outplay anyone on the court. But, if I sent them in as a guard, their normal position, they would play hard, score points, and dominate on defense. These girls play the game because they love it and want to improve. If I walked into the gym and told the girls we were playing a WNBA team, the Twins would be ready, and there was never a doubt they would win in their minds. If we lost a game, they were the first to take the blame, which was never the case. That was their passion for the game. It was an honor to coach the Twins and now be able to watch them grow and play for the Lady Raiders. I can’t wait to see what the future holds for Bailey and Heather.”

The Tetro twins are sophomores for the Lady Raiders of Good Hope. They have helped guide the way for the Raiders to a 20-3 start this season and are currently ranked #2 in Class 4A. If you haven’t had the chance to watch the Twins and the Lady Raiders this season, you may want to dust off the folded stadium seat and travel down to Good Hope, and you too will be mesmerized by their game.