Due to continued vandalism at the City of Hanceville parks, the Hanceville City Council discussed implementing a curfew for juveniles on City property at their council meeting last Thursday night. Currently, there is a curfew of 10 PM for minors in the City of Hanceville. The new curfew would consist of unaccompanied minors after dark on any property owned by the City of Hanceville, including but not limited to Veterans Park, Hamby Park, C.W. Day Park, and the Civic Center.

According to Hanceville’s Mayor Kenneth Nail, there has recently been more than $4200 in damages to the city park, specifically the Hanceville dog park and Veterans Park.

While no Ordinance has been written or voted on to date, the council had a serious discussion on what it should entail.

According to the Alabama State Code Section 6-5-380, the parent or guardian is liable for the injury to or destruction of someone else’s property.

Alabama State Code Section 6-5-380 reads: “The parent or parents, guardian, or other person having care or control of any minor under the age of 18 years with whom the minor is living and who have custody of the minor shall be liable for the actual damages sustained, but not exceeding the sum of $1,000, plus the court costs of the action, to any person, firm, association, corporation and the State of Alabama and its political subdivision for all damages proximately caused by the injury to, or destruction of, any property, real, personal or mixed, by the intentional, willful, or malicious act or acts of the minor.”

The next scheduled meeting will be January 27, 2022 work session at 5 PM meeting at 5:30.