Cullman County is a special place to live and raise a family. Whether you were raised in Cullman, recently moved to Cullman, or just passing through, you will find Cullman offers the best hospitality with some of the most giving citizens and organizations in the world. Many non-profits in Cullman go above and beyond to give back and take care of the community during times of need. Pictures are often taken and placed in the local news outlets to spotlight the organization. Other times, the news outlet finds out about an organization’s great happenings and wants to highlight them because they didn’t ask for the recognition but certainly deserve the spotlight.

The local VFW Auxiliary has gone above the call of duty to give back in many ways. Yes, the VFW Auxiliary is designed to improve the lives of veterans, service members, their families. But, let us not forget what they do for our community. The Cullman VFW Auxiliary, throughout the year, raises money through Bingo, weekly lunches, and often anonymous donors. The money raised certainly helps the lives of veterans and their families, but what you may not know is how much goes back into this great community.

During December, the Cullman VFW Auxiliary held a Breakfast with Santa event. Forty-five children were able to come and meet Santa, get a present, and eat a meal alongside their family. In addition, the Auxiliary participated with Toys for Tots and helped provide Christmas for twenty local families. We will say that again for the people in the back, twenty local families! Many of these families had multiple children. Some had as many as three or four. The VFW Auxiliary not only supplied toys for the children that otherwise wouldn’t have received anything, but they also supplied clothing and meals for the whole family. The VFW Auxiliary certainly put a smile on many children’s faces, but they also took care of the needs of the adults. If the parents needed new work clothes or boots for work, their needs were handled.

The VFW Auxiliary is compiled of service members’ spouses who work for the betterment of veterans. But, they often go above and beyond the call of duty and help the local community. Unfortunately, we often never hear about what they do because they often don’t want the recognition, but they certainly deserve the spotlight. Our service members and veterans put their lives on the line for our freedom. Their spouses sacrificed on their home turf, taking care of and raising their families, all while holding down jobs and still having time throughout the year to raise money and give back to ones in need.

When you see a veteran, thank them. When you see a veteran’s spouse, thank them. Have fun and play Bingo or enjoy a meal every Tuesday from the VFW Auxiliary. Be a donor and let a portion of your money go back to an organization that not only gives back to the local community but takes tremendous care of our local veterans.