Officers from the Cullman Police Department were ambushed by students from Cullman City Primary School Wednesday morning.

Officers Bryan Medlock, Kyle Foshee (Mustache King), Brandon Patterson, Sergeant Joey Duncan, and SRO Seth Sullivan aka Sro Sully embarked on Cullman City Primary School to take control of a classroom. But, little did they know, students were prepared to fight back and show the Officers who really run the school. When the Officers penetrated the classroom, the students opened ambushed them with snowballs. Although the police fought back, they could never take control and eventually surrendered to the students.

Medlock’s attempt to melt the snowballs was unsuccessful even though he is believed to be a trained fireman. However, Patterson was undoubtedly the most successful defending the police due to his training as an Auburn Quarterback. Foshee attempted to scare the students with his mustache while Duncan essentially lost the battle after running through the halls yelling ‘Roll T*de.’ SRO Sully disguised himself by wearing a ridiculous snowman suit, but the students saw right through his nonsense.

After the battle ended and the Cullman Police Department surrendered, the students went back to work preparing for their next battle while the Officers left with their heads held low.

A special thank you to Cullman Police Departments Bryan Medlock, Kyle Foshee, Brandon Patterson, Joey Duncan, and Seth Sullivan for your act of kindness and participation with our future leaders of America.