Cullman County Commission Chairman, Jeff ‘Clem’ Clemons, has officially served a whole year, and the accomplishment continues to add up. Chairman Clemons promised to work hard for the citizens of Cullman County when he took office in 2020. He wanted to be more transparent by being easily accessible to the Cullman County employees and certainly be more accessible to the citizens of Cullman County. Clemons has proven to be the leader the citizens can count on. If you contact him about an issue, he will listen to your concerns and work hard to find a solution. If it can be fixed, he will work with the Commission to resolve the problem. If it can’t be fixed, he is not scared to not only tell you, but he will give you the reason why the issue can’t be resolved. Communication is the key to a transparent government, and Clemons has proven his communication skills over the prior year. 

Roads are a hot topic in Cullman County. Cullman is second in Alabama in miles of roads. But, unfortunately, the miles of roads don’t equal the amount of money the county receives to keep up with and make proper repairs. Clemons has been able to work with the Commissioners, State Legislators, and the Cullman County Economic Development office to secure grants and reallocate money to put more funding into Cullman County roads. In fact, this year, the Cullman County Commission allocated two million more dollars into the ‘Restore Cullman County Roads Fund.’ As a result, roughly sixty miles of county roads have been paved this year. In addition, Cullman County has been awarded close to 1.5 million dollars in grants since November of 2020. For example, a $250,000 grant was awarded for paving county road 4 and county road 6. Working alongside the commissioners and state and federal delegation is essential in getting more funds to fix the roads properly. Chairman Clemons, in his first year, has accomplished just that. 

An example of other grants received for repairs in Cullman County under Chairman Clemons leadership. A $500,000 grant was awarded to update and repair dilapidated bridges and trails at the OHV Park, and an $800,000 CDBG grant was awarded to upgrade the old rescue squad building. Cutting wasteful spending and saving taxpayer dollars has made a significant progress with the Commission. 

Congratulations to Chairman ‘Clem’ Clemons on your first full year as the leader of Cullman County. 

As a proud partner with the Cullman County Republican Party, Cullman Daily encourages you to get involved. The Cullman County Republican Party, led by Chairman Kelly Duke, meets every first Saturday of the month for the ‘Republican Breakfast’ at the Elks Lodge. December’s guest speaker will be U.S. Senate Candidate Mo Brooks. The doors open at 7:30 A.M. The guest speaker begins promptly at 8 A.M. In addition to the Republican Breakfast, the Cullman County Women Republicans meet every second Tuesday each month (except December) at the Cullman VFW building. Dinner begins at 6:00 P.M. with the guest speaker starting at 6:30 P.M. Charlie Covert is the current President for the Republican Women. Charlie is driven and motivated to continue pushing out Conservative values throughout Cullman County.