More details have emerged about the attack during the Waukesha, Wisconsin Christmas Parade one week ago, which are shocking and unfortunately claimed at least six lives, including an eight-year-old boy an eighty-one-year-old grandmother. The person arrested for this attack, Darrell Brooks, is a career criminal who had been given a very low bail just days before this attack for attempting to run over his girlfriend with his vehicle.

“Free bail” for criminals makes our nation, state and county less safe as we saw in this tragic case in Waukesha. Darrell Brooks should have been in jail and not out free to kill innocent people. As I said in my campaign announcement on October 2, I am concerned when the system rewards lawbreakers with free bail.

Liberals across the United States are pushing “bail reform.” As your District Attorney, I will prosecute career criminals to the fullest extent of the law and resist free bail for violent offenders like Darrell Brooks.