After a storm comes a rainbow, and here in Cullman County, students from East Elementary are showing their love and support for Vinemont after the loss of 2nd Grade Teacher, Mrs. Savanna Davis.

On Monday, East Elementary School’s principal, David Wiggins, encouraged his faculty and students to show their support for the local Elementary school, along with many other Cullman county schools, by wearing Vinemont’s school colors. Wiggins stated he knew just how important and meaningful it was to honor and remember Mrs. Davis. However, as the week progressed, his teachers continued to reach out with kindness well beyond that of just a school color.

On Friday, Vinemont Elementary school’s principal, Kim Brown, delivered handwritten cards, letters, and small gifts from East. She was overwhelmed with the gratitude and love shown by the students. Mrs. Davis’ class was definitely surprised and thankful for this simple act of kindness shown by other students their age. It’s so humbling to see other children reaching out and showing compassion in a tough situation like this. Teachers are showing students there is so much more to learning than just academic achievement and are instilling character by spreading kindness and encouraging words. As Savanna would say, “Be a Rainbow in Someone Else’s Cloud,” and that’s precisely what the students at East Elementary have done for Savanna’s 2nd-grade class at Vinemont. This goes to show that regardless of which school system you’re a part of here in Cullman, when one school is hurting, as a community, we all hurt, and we are all a family in education.