The City of Cullman held its regular council meeting Monday evening. The agenda listed multiple items, but the most attractive was a pay increase for city employees.

The City of Cullman, led by Mayor Woody Jacobs, City Council President Jenny Folsom, Councilman Clint Hollingsworth, Councilman Andy Page, Councilman Johnny Cook, and Councilman David Moss, convened Monday evening to approve a much needed 4% pay increase for all City of Cullman employees across the board. In addition to the 4% pay increase, the Mayor and Council absorbed the increase in employees’ health insurance and retirement benefits. Additionally, the Mayor and Council approved a payscale matrix for the Cullman Police Department and Cullman Fire Department. The payscale matrix will allow employees to be paid based on their years of service to their department and get the current police officers and firefighters in line where they should be based on years of service.

City of Cullman Council President Jenny Folsom said, “Our annual general fund budget is always based on the actual revenues collected the year before. We are pleased to announce that the 2022 budget will be $48.3 million, the actual amount collected in 2021. This is a 26% increase over the $38.3 million the previous year. This revenue has allowed us to invest more in the city’s most important asset — our city employees. In addition to an across-the-board pay raise of 4% and absorbing increases in health insurance and retirement benefits, the city has updated new pay scale matrixes to reward current employees as well as attract new hires. Attracting and retaining valuable city workers is essential to providing vital city services and a better quality of life for our citizens.”

In a time where some towns and cities are struggling, the City of Cullman is thriving. However, without the citizens of Cullman patronizing local businesses, economic development attracting new industry, Park and Rec continuing to find ways to bring in tourism, and a Mayor and Council working hard to make Cullman a better place, the city would not thrive. Police departments across the nation are being defunded. Here in Cullman, our local government supports the ‘Blue’ and emergency responders. The Cullman of Cullman’s employees at the Water Department, Street Department, Sanitation Department, in addition to all departments, work tirelessly to keep Cullman special and make Cullman the most fantastic city in the nation.