During Tuesday’s regularly scheduled Cullman County Commission Meeting led by Chairman Jeff ‘Clem’ Clemons, Commissioners Kerry Watson and Garry Marchman approved a well-deserved county-wide pay raise for all Cullman County employees.

Each department within the Cullman County Commission will receive a 5.64% pay raise plus a pay scale adjustment. For example, the Cullman County Sheriff’s Deputies will receive the 5.64% pay increase plus an additional 90 cent pay raise. The Cullman County Sheriff’s Office also increased military, and college incentive pay up to 5% for military and associates degrees and 10% for Bachelor’s degrees or higher. Each Cullman County Department will receive the same 5.64% raise plus a certain cent per hour raise based on the pay scale of that particular department.

“The revitalization of the pay scale was much needed in Cullman County. With the population growth and workload placed on the current employees, they certainly deserve the new pay structure,” said Clemons. “I believe the new structure will allow all departments within the Cullman County Commission to recruit and retain quality employees.”

Cullman County Administrator John Bullard said, “The revitalization of the pay scale has been in the works for several years, and we were able to implement it with this budget.”

In addition to the much-needed pay scale adjustment, the Cullman County Commission put additional funds into Cullman County roads. Clemons said, “We have roads being paved on the East and West sides of the county. By the end of 2021, the Cullman County Commission will have paved more roads than have been paved in the last twenty-three years. In the previous year, we as a commission have worked diligently to cut wasteful spending and looking for ways to increase the road budget. We understand that our Cullman County roads are at the top of the priority list, and we look forward to improving the road situation even further in the future.”

Cullman County Sheriff Matt Gentry said, “I am so proud for our Deputies. The raise approved by the Cullman County Commission will help keep quality Deputies here in Cullman County. Before this raise, we had Detention Deputies making $12 an hour, passing billboards on their way to work, for jobs paying $17 to $20 an hour. It is great to be able to reward their dedication to the Cullman County Sheriff’s Office. This also keeps us competitive with surrounding agencies, which will allow us to continue to attract high-quality personnel we want here in Cullman County.”