Cullman County Sheriff Matt Gentry, along with other community leaders, recognized Sgt. Jacob Patrick Grey, a United States Marine, for his efforts in Afghanistan as he helped 116,000 people evacuate from Afghanistan.

Sheriff Gentry opened the ceremony with remarks, saying, “One thing I am very proud of, even if we have people in Washinton that don’t support us and do the things that are right, Cullman County will always do what’s right. Cullman County will support heroes like Jacob Grey.” Gentry then asked Cullman County Commission Chairman Jeff Clemons to say a few words. “It’s an honor to be here today. I love Cullman County, and I love our great heroes like Jacob,” said Clemons. Next, Clemons, along with commissioners Kerry Watson and Garry Marchman, signed a certificate of appreciation presented by Cullman County Commission Attorney Emily Johnston.

Alabama Senator Garlan Gudger commended Sgt. Grey, on his accomplishments and together with Alabama State Representatives Corey Harbison, Randall Shedd, and Scott Stadthagen, presented Sgt. Grey with a State of Alabama Resolution, recognizing Grey for his heroism to the United States of America.

Cullman Police Chief Kenny Culpepper, Captian Jeff Warnke, and Lieutenant Todd Craig were on hand to represent the City of Cullman. Chief Culpepper presented Sgt. Grey with Mayor Woody Jacob’s personal challenge coin and thanked him for his service.

Sheriff Gentry closed the ceremony by presenting a plaque to Sgt. Grey for the Cullman County Sheriff’s Office. The plaque read, “Sgt. Jacob Patrick Ray, on behalf of the citizens of Cullman County, and the United States of America, thank you for your dedication and service to the United States Marine Corps. In recognition of your efforts in the evacuation of Afghanistan in 2021. ONCE A MARINE, ALWAYS A MARINE, SEMPER FI.”

Cullman Daily would like to express their gratitude to Sgt. Jacob Grey for his service to the United States of America. Your heroism to the greatest country on earth will never be forgotten. Thank you for your service!