One week to the day after the ‘Biggest Party In The South’ also known as Rock the South, York Family Farm was transformed into the greatest rally in the history of our country. On Saturday, August 21st, a line of folks as far as the eye could see started forming a line to the entry gate early in the morning. Thousands of Donald J. Trump supporters were up early and ready to get the best available spot to see who is deemed one of the best Presidents in history.

The gates would eventually open around three o’clock, and the fans started pouring in as if the most famous man in the world was to speak. But, ironically, the most famous man in the world would take the stage and speak in front of forty-five thousand of his biggest supporters. While fans continued coming through security for hours, live music would play in the background, politicians would walk the crowd and shake hands, strangers would become friends, and eventually, the world’s largest family reunion would occur.

In most cases, with an event this size, you can expect some trouble and arrest. However, not a single person was arrested, and after interviewing several police officers, deputies, and law enforcement from all over north Alabama, the same saying was echoed by all. “We have never had this many citizens tell us thank you for your service. We have never had this much support. It was an honor to work an event with so much support for law enforcement. We thank President Trump for supporting law enforcement. The crowd was filled with citizens wearing Back The Blue shirts and shirts saying President Trump Backs the Blue.” Again, a crowd this large, and no one was arrested or caused trouble. That is an amazement in itself, but when a country leader supports law enforcement, his supporters will echo the message.

Around five o’clock, the music would stop, and the National Anthem would be played. Then, the oldest living Marine, Roy Drinkard, said the pledge to kick off the event officially. Next, speakers such as Alabama Attorney General Steve Marshall, State Republican Chairman John Wahl, United States Congressman Robert Aderholt, and Mo Brooks, Senator Garlan Gudger, United States Senator Tommy Tuberville, Lt. Gov. Will Ainsworth, My Pillow owners Mike Lindell, and Cullman County Sheriff Matt Gentry took the stage to get the crowd pumped and ready for the forty-fifth President of the United States. Tuberville’s one-liner “Remember Woodstock, Welcome to Trumpstock” sent the crowd into a loud cheer. Cullman’s favorite, Senator Gudger, certainly fired the crowd up with his unscripted speech to show his support for President Trump and Republicans alike.

The forty-fifth President of the United States, President Donald J. Trump, would take the stage a little before eight o’clock. A clip from the movie ‘Patton’ played before his grand entry. As Trump took the stage, he would throw out MAGA hats, and the supporters would shout TRUMP TRUMP TRUMP. The President gave a speech for around an hour and a half. He never officially stated he would be running in 2024, but he certainly eluded it and pushed conservatives hard to take over in the 2022 and 2024 races. As always, when President Trump speaks, you can bet there will be a few great one-liners. For example, when talking about democrats, Trump said, “Everything woke turns to —-.” Also, when the rain started falling, he made sure to point out that we were about to that his hair is real. Finally, he gave a shoutout to state leaders while also pointing out Sheriff Matt Gentry’s fantastic job here in Cullman and deeming the Alabama ‘Save America’ rally as the greatest rally in the history of our country.

As a conservative news source, Cullman Daily would like to extend a huge thank you to the men and women who made this rally possible. Cullman County Economic Director Bradley Williams for putting Cullman on Trump’s radar, the Cullman County Republican Party, Senator Garlan Gudger for fighting hard to ensure the rally would be held in Cullman, Alabama State Chairman John Wahl, Cullman County Sheriff’s Office, Cullman Police Department, Alabama State Troopers, and law enforcement from all over Alabama watching out for the safety of the citizens, emergency responders who worked tirelessly to ensure the wellbeing of the citizens, EMA Director Phyllis Little for helping with a plan for an event this magnitude and being fully prepared for anything that would come her way, and the citizens that showed up to support one of the greatest Presidents of the United States of America.