As a business owner, you do anything to attract consumers to your business. Still, for two locally owned companies in Cullman, they were able to attract Cullman County Sheriff Matt Gentry, and boy did it pay off.

Wendy Kirk, the owner of Initial Impression, along with Paul Moss, the owner of Southern Heritage Restoration, was contacted by Sheriff Gentry to come up with and design a plaque for President Donald Trump that would eventually be presented to the President upon his arrival to Cullman, Alabama for the ‘Save America’ rally at the York Family Farm. Not every day do you get the chance to make a gift for the President of the United States of America, so it was a no-brainer when Wendy and Paul were asked to take on the task.

“It was an honor and privilege for me and my business at Southern Heritage Restoration to be asked to have a hand in making a plaque for President Donald J Trump,” said Paul Moss. Moss went on to thank Sheriff Gentry for the opportunity. “Thank you to Sheriff Matt Gentry for the opportunity and for what you and the Cullman County Sheriff’s Office do for Cullman County.”

“As Sheriff of Cullman County, and on behalf of the citizens of Cullman County, I was privileged by the power and authority under the constitution as Sheriff to present President Donald J. Trump with an engraved wooden plaque commissioning him as a deputy sheriff of Cullman County. This plaque thanked President Trump for all his accomplishments for law enforcement as President of the United States.” – Sheriff Matt Gentry.

“It was an honor to be commissioned to collaborate on this plaque with Paul Moss and Sheriff Gentry. We pride ourselves on the quality jobs we do but to be asked to make a plaque for the President is something I will remember for the rest of my life. Thank you, Sheriff Matt Gentry and the Cullman County Sheriff’s Office, for the wonderful job you do for our beautiful county,” said Wendy Kirk.

The plaque read: President Donald J. Trump, on behalf of the citizens of Cullman County, in recognition of your accomplishments. on behalf of law enforcement as President of the United States, I do, by virtue of the power and authority as Sheriff of Cullman County, Alabama, hereby commission you a Deputy Sheriff for Cullman County, Alabama.

Paul’s job for the plaque was to find and perfect the wood, inlay the badge and commemorative coins, and place the finishing on after the engraving. Wendy specializes in engraving many different types of products. As a result, she perfected the engraving for what will most likely be the most memorable engraving she will do in her life.