St. Bernard Prep Track and Field Standout Nic Fallin bring home the bronze medal after competing in the USA Track and Field Junior Olympics competition in Jacksonville, Florida. Nic competed under the Arab City Speed Team and was coached by Waid Harbison. This year’s USATF Junior Olympics saw nearly 6000 athletes competing from July 26th through August 1st. Fallin was among the elite despite being a first-year track star. With the help of Coach Harbison and the trainers with Encore Rehabilitation, the sky is the limit for Nic.

“Nic has been one of the best athletes I’ve coached in almost ten years of coaching track & field athletes. In his first year even competing in track, his finishing as an all-American triple jumper at the Junior Olympics is huge; getting a bronze medal is unheard of for a first-time athlete. This is one of the hardest meets out there, and most of the Olympians competing in Tokyo now starred out at this meet doing the same thing Nic is doing, so it’s clear to me he has a career ahead of him to go as far as he can in track. He’s a hard worker and is willing to put in the work, so I couldn’t be more proud of him for all the hard work he put in to get there,” said Coach Harbison

Congratulations to Nic Fallin on a job well done.