US President Donald Trump speaks during a campaign rally at Manchester-Boston Regional Airport in Londonderry, New Hampshire on October 25, 2020.

Donald Trump will be coming to see his supporters face to face in the heart of Trump country – as Cullman voted in favor the President’s re-election at never-before-seen numbers of almost 90% favorability. John Wahl, Chairman of the Alabama Republican Party, officially made the announcement earlier today in a press release from ALGOP. Wahl also noted via email the Alabama Republican Party will be holding their state executive meeting in Cullman as well on the 21st, and looks forward to welcoming the thousands of people who they expect to attend the rally to welcome President Trump to Cullman.

Several local leaders played key roles in this process to make sure President Trump was able to visit Cullman. 

From other county government officials such as Sheriff Matt Gentry, from the law enforcement perspective to aid in security, and Chairman Jeff Clemons, from an economic impact perspective as well, were very supportive from the beginning and helped push the event through to become a reality for Cullman.

Among those who were key in bringing President Trump to Cullman is County Economic Development Director Bradley Williams. Williams previously was voted on to be a Delegate for President Trump during his initial run in 2016, and again in 2020. Bradley contacted his sources that work alongside former President Donald Trump to pitch the idea of making stop in Cullman for a rally in the heart of his supporters since 2016, when Cullman had the second highest percentage of Trump voters in the United States. Around four weeks ago, the campaign reached back out to Bradley to let him know that Cullman hosting a Trump rally was a real possibility and that an advance team for Trump’s rally would be making their way to Cullman to review the location.

Over the past month, State Senator Garlan Gudger worked alongside ALGOP Chairman John Wahl, local leaders, private businesses and the local Cullman County Republican Party to do everything possible to make sure Cullman was the site selected to host the rally, which ultimately came to pass. 

“I believe this will be a huge event for Cullman to be able to host President Trump. We anticipate having thousands of people traveling in from all over Alabama, as well other states, to see President Trump at this rally,” said Senator Garlan Gudger.

Attempts to reach the mayor’s office for a comment on the event were unsuccesful, but Chairman Jeff Clemons reached out to us among those who supported bringing President Trump to Cullman. “I am glad that everyone worked together so that we will be able host President Trump here in Cullman County.” said Clemons. “I know that this will be a wonderful event and great for our local economy.”

The event is being held by the Alabama Republican Party, and will be located on the field where Rock the South takes place on August 21st. 

Among those thrilled to welcome President Trump to Cullman were Steve Cummings of the Cullman Republican Party. Steve said that “It’s gonna be HUGE”! I am so proud that Brad took the initiative to make the pitch for Cullman. You know our county had one of the nation’s highest voting percentages for Trump in the 2016 and the 2020 election – above 88% in both elections. Our goal last November was to have the highest in the country. Even though we didn’t win – I think our marketing slogan stuck.  ‘We Are Trump Country’.  I think it’d be cool for us to present President Trump with the Key to Trump Country.”

A key to Trump Country, in the heart of Trump Country presented in our backyard in Cullman. This would be a landmark event while the former U.S. President and prospective 2024 candidate makes an official visit to our city in Cullman next month.