Adam Shedd said the Grace of God saved his life. Adam is a thirty-four-year-old automobile salesman at Eckenrod Ford in Cullman. He has made his name over the last eight years as one of the top producers in Cullman by being honest, treating people fairly, and through his faith in Christ. Many people would say he is a funny and outgoing guy that loves selling vehicles. Adam is just a cool guy to be around. A hard worker is an understatement when you describe Shedd. The man works a tremendous amount of hours, week in and week out, to make sure his customers are a million percent satisfied.

On May 5th, 2021, Adam was feeling sick and made the decision to go to a local urgent care to get checked out. That’s when he received the news he had been diagnosed with Covid-19. He immediately contacted his wife of nearly seven years, Danielle, to tell her the news. The two decided that it would be best for Danielle and their three daughters (Five-year-old Bexleigh, fifteen-month-old Everleigh, and four-month-old Coltleigh) to stay with her parents while Adam quarantined. In Adam’s mind, he knew he needed to quarantine, and soon he would be back to work, and his family would be back home, but as a few days passed, he could no longer manage the sickness.

On May 9th, 2021, Adam checked himself into Cullman Regional Medical Center. At this point, Shedd was placed on a ventilator the day after, and from that day forward is a blur. Cullman Regional treated him for a few days while calling anywhere and everywhere to find a hospital that had a room available so he could receive ECMO treatment. Finally, on May 16th, Dr. Barrett from Atlanta rode to Cullman in an ambulance to perform the ECMO surgery. Once Cullman Regional staff had Adam stable, Dr. Barrett rode back with him to Piedmont Hospital in Atlanta, where he would spend nearly a month in ICU. Note: ECMO replaces the function of your lungs and heart by pumping your blood through an artificial lung where oxygen is added and, in return, allows them to heal. As Adam started the healing process, he was able to have the ECMO removed on May 27th. He was then transported to Princeton Hospital in Birmingham on May 31st, where he would be closer to home. He spent a few days in Princeton’s critical care unit before being placed into a private room on June 2nd.

June 4th, 2021, will be a day Adam and his family will remember. A day that tears of joy rolled down their faces. Adam was coming back home to Cullman, Alabama, to his family. Many people lost their lives because of Covid, and many were able to survive. But, God works in mysterious ways, and His work for Adam Shedd was not finished on earth. “By the Grace of God, my life was spared. I am thankful for all the prayers and outpouring of love for my family and me. I have always been a family man and love spending time with my wife and girls, but after a near-death experience, I can assure you I will always hug them a little tighter and love on them a lot more,” said Shedd.

On July 19th, Adam reunited with his work family at Eckenrod Ford. He immediately started where he left off and did what he knows how to do best, sell vehicles. Life is short, and we never know when God’s timing will call. Adam Shedd obviously knows how to sell cars and trucks but now will spread his testimony and love for Christ while placing you in your dream vehicle.