Early Saturday morning on May 30th started as a typical day for one Cullman High School student. He stayed the night with his best friend the night before, celebrating his friends and football teammates that had graduated the night before. His parents had left to visit Tullahoma, TN, with their church small group, so he knew he needed to go home early to feed the family dog. His parents had sat down to eat breakfast at the Sundrop Shoppe. He was on Highway 31 North heading to his home in Vinemont when the typical morning came to an end.

Drew Ball will be a Senior at Cullman High School this coming year. He is an outstanding linebacker and kicker on the football team, and his classmates would say he is an all-around great kid. But, more importantly, Drew is a phenomenal role model and man of God. His parents, Erica and Anthony Ball, have raised him to be a polite and Godly man and to carry out those attributes wherever he may go. From the time he was able to touch a football field, he has inspired his teammates and coaches through his ability to work hard and always finish strong. In addition, his faith in Christ has kept him humble on and off the field with his teammates and classmates alike. But nothing could prepare Drew nor his parents for the events that would unfold that Saturday morning.

While traveling home to feed the family dog, Drew was involved in a vehicle accident on Highway 31 North just South of Vinemont when he lost control of his Jeep and rolled it three times before coming to a stop. Drew was ejected from the Jeep and lying on the ground when emergency responders arrived. God’s plan started to unfold at this point. You see, Drew should not be alive today by the counts of many. He was wearing his seatbelt at the time of the crash but somehow was eject upwards out of the restraint and landed on the asphalt face down. A family friend noticed the crash and immediately contacted Drew’s parents that were a hundred and twelve miles away in Tennessee. This is the call that no parent wants to receive. Erica and Anthony called the friend’s father he was staying with, hoping that it was a mistake and he was still at their house with his best friend. Unfortunately, it was true, their boy had been in a severe car crash, and they had no idea what kind of condition he was in other than being face down on the asphalt.

Drew’s sister Savanna and his best friend Dylan, and his father Scott, arrived on the scene about the same time. But, again, all they knew was there was an accident, and Drew was face down on the asphalt. The Alabama State Trooper contacted Savanna while she was talking to her parents and agreed to put the phone on speaker so his parents could talk to him and try to calm him. Drew doesn’t remember any of these things that took place. The ambulance rushed him to a Birmingham hospital while his parents rushed from Tennessee to their boy.

Once Drew arrived at the hospital, emergency personnel immediately assessed his injuries and ran multiple body scans to see the severity. Meanwhile, his family and friends are unaware of his possible injuries. Savanna, her boyfriend Jake, Dylan, and the Pastor had made it to the hospital but was told to stay outside while the medical staff checked him out. Drew’s football coaches and the Cullman High School athletic director heard the news and made their way to the hospital. They were in shock as to why Drew? Why would this happen to a young man that has morals, passion, and drive like Drew? Questions are rolling through the minds of his family and friends, but God had bigger plans. Some would call it a miracle. Some would say it was a God thing. Both are correct but Drew simply stated, “God has work for me to do.”

As Drew’s parents arrived at the hospital, he was being released. To everyone’s surprise, he had no broken bones, no stitches, just minor road rash and a concussion. Sunday afternoon, Drew was determined to be at church where he belonged to give thanks to his Lord and Savior. The church was having a picnic, and there would be nothing that would hold him back from going, not even a three-flip vehicle crash. Drew had a message to leave as you finish read the story. “I have no doubts God saved me, and there isn’t time for anyone to live away from Him!”

God works in mysterious ways. He could have easily taken the life of Drew and left a lot of earthly minds wondering why. Unfortunately, this often happens to some of the best people. When God has finished using you for his purpose, he will call you to your eternal home if you believe. God was not through with Drew. “God has work for him to do.” No matter the outcome, when a tragedy happens, we must praise God. His plan is always bigger, even though our earthly minds sometimes don’t understand.