The Cullman community mourns the loss of a local superhero, but he will always be in the hearts of many. Kadan Stansell Johnson, aka Captain America, used his superhero powers as he left this world to be with his heavenly father.

Kadan passed away on Friday, May 21st, 2021, at the young age of ten years old after a battle with cancer. The impact Kadan left will be remembered by many throughout the community, but specifically his Cullman County Child Development family.

You see, Kadan was full of life and loved superheroes. Captain America was his favorite, and he wasn’t afraid to show off his superhero skills. As a fourth-grader at the Cullman County Child Development Center, Kadan was the life of the party and brought a smile to everyone he came in contact with while at school. His ultimate goal in his final days on earth was to get to Heaven so he could run again. Kadan loved Jesus and couldn’t wait to see Him face to face. On Tuesday, May 25th, Kadan’s body was laid to rest, but his spirit was already in Heaven, where he was running and laughing while using his superhero powers to watch over his family and friends as they mourned his absence.

Bridget Keef, Kadan’s Physical Education teacher, officially retired his favorite basketball. Keef said, “Losing a student is always heartbreaking, but I have been with this guy since his first day at CDC, and it has absolutely gutted my co-workers and me. Fly high, Captain American. I will love you forever.”

Tyler Mitchell was Kadan’s fourth-grade teacher. She wrote, “Kadan was a little boy that was full of life. He had a fantastic smile and a contagious laugh. Everyone that knew Kadan would tell you that he had a great big personality. He kept us laughing and kept us on our toes. He took every opportunity to be a good friend, give a hug or a kind word. Kadan missed almost all of last year going through surgery and treatments to fight his cancer. One of Kadan’s biggest wishes was to come back to school. At the beginning of March, that wish came true, and Kadan came back to the CDC. We knew his time with us would be short, and the goal of everyone here was for him to enjoy his time. Kadan loved superheroes, Captain America was his favorite, and we had a school-wide superhero day in his honor. He was able to meet several super hero’s and had a fun day. Every Friday, we have a Fun Fabulous Friday Celebration with a particular theme. Kadan was able to celebrate Star Wars day, Yard game Palooza, Classic Adventure Movie day, and just one short week before he passed away, he was able to take part in Water Day. His most significant prayer the night before was that he could go down the slide at least one time. With the help of some staff, he was able to go down the slide four times. We didn’t know it at the time, but Water Day was Kadan’s last day of school, and as he left, he said, “Today was the best day ever!” Kadan’s spunk never faded, even in his last days. Kadan loved the Lord and made a commitment to Christ in his final months. I’ve been told he prayed the most beautiful prayers over everyone that came in to help care for him. Most people in Kadan’s situation would have been sad, but he had a joy that would shine through his face. Until his last day, he was stubborn, bossy, funny, and loving. He was authentically Kadan all the time. He said in his last days that he couldn’t wait to get to Heaven so that he could run again, and that’s where we picture him now. Kadan was well-loved and will be greatly missed.”

Kadan will be missed on this earth, but he will undoubtedly be remembered as the cutest and most powerful superhero.