Debra Scott graduated from Good Hope High School in 1980. After graduating, Debra was not completely sure where life would take her, but she knew she had a passion for kids. She would soon return to the very school she spent her whole life involved with and become a substitute teacher for three years before going full-time as a lunchroom lady. In 1988 Debra began her career making food and putting smiles on kid’s faces. She has served over 35,000 kids during her tenure but wouldn’t change it for the world. She said, “the kids are what makes me the most excited about my career. When I see them in public, and they run to give me a hug, that’s what makes me happy. Some of the younger students may not know my name, but they know I am their lunchroom lady, and they always have a big smile when I see them out and about.”

Debra has a heart of gold and certainly a passion for her students. Many great things happen day in and day out, but with the good comes the bad. Scott said the worst part of the job is when you see a student struggling with something going on in their life, and we have to find a way to help them. “I can remember having a student that came through the lunch line every day. One day I noticed the child sitting by himself and had not made his way through the line. I knew something was off and had to get to the bottom of the problem. I spoke to the counselor and eventually determined the child was having some issues at home and didn’t have money for his lunch. I talked to the child and assured him never to worry; we will always take care of you no matter what.” Debra always made sure students were able to eat. There were several times over her tenure that parents came by and anonymously paid for meals, and with the help of the Good Hope Volunteer Fire Department holding fundraisers, students at Good Hope didn’t have to worry about going without food. Debra now is part of a fundraiser with local volunteer fire departments that give back to all Cullman County Schools.

As you can imagine, lunchroom ladies see lots of food. They have to be creative with coming with food items that students will love but also keep in mind allergies some students may have. The one meal that makes the Good Hope lunchroom ladies popular on the campus is Stromboli. “The students love it, and it is our most requested food item we serve.”, said Scott.

After thirty-three years working full-time as a lunchroom lady at Good Hope, it is time for Mrs. Debra to retire. “I went to school at Good Hope. I subbed before becoming a full-time lunchroom lady. Good Hope has always been my life, and I am thankful for the opportunity.” Thank you, Mrs. Debra Scott, for your dedicated service to Good Hope and all of Cullman County. Your smiling face will be missed around the school. “Throughout any community, there are a few people who can be considered cornerstones of that community. For the Good Hope community and schools, Mrs. Debra Scott is one of those people. For over 30 years, she has served our students with pride and excellence. She will be greatly missed here at Good Hope, but we wish her well in her retirement.” said Good Hope High School Principal John Hood.