The word LOVE is strong and thrown around often. There is a love for our parents, kids, spouse, and friends, but when it comes to true love, it can be hard to find and keep for forever. Twenty-Nine years ago, Edward “Eddie” Shaddix and Jennifer Parker met at the Margaret Jean Jones Center in Cullman. Eddie didn’t shy away from anything, especially when he wanted something. When he saw Jennifer Parker, he saw the love of his life, and nothing would stop Eddie from getting what Eddie wanted.

From the time Jennifer and Eddie met, they hit it off and immediately became best friends. They worked together in the warehouse stacking boxes for Wal-Mart Distribution, and Jennifer would ofter times have to keep Eddie focused on the task at hand because he couldn’t resist aggravating the woman of his dreams. Eddie would poke her in the side and then run and hide or try to distract her with one of his Elvis impressions, but she would always make sure Eddie got back in focus, and they finished their job.

Anyone that knew Eddie knew he loved three things, Alabama football, Elvis, and his lady “Jennifer Parker”. As time would go on, Eddie would eventually become an Elvis impersonator. He would play shows all over, and Jennifer would often play the role of Priscilla. They even had the opportunity to travel to Memphis and perform in front of a crowded convention. The two were inseparable, but you were sure to witness the best Elvis and Priscilla if you were lucky enough to make a show.

Eddie would spoil Jennifer from the time they met until his final day on earth. He never missed a holiday and the chance to buy her a gift. He would often buy her flowers for special holidays, but her prized possession was when he would give her pictures of them together. Jennifer said, “he knew how to make me happy, and he would always buy me gifts that I loved, but I really loved when he gave me pictures of us together.” They loved celebrating each other birthdays, dancing to Elvis, camping, and going on dates. When Eddie would take his lady to eat, he knew he could put a smile on her face when they pulled up to Captain D’s as that was their favorite restaurant to visit while on a romantic evening.

Eddie was the romantic man. He knew how to put on the charm and whew his lady. Instead of shaking his eyebrows, he would shake his glasses up and down. “Every time he would shake his glasses, I knew he was just telling me I was pretty.”, said Jennifer. Eddie would give her hugs and even sneak in a big Eddie kiss before they would get on the bus. He would try to hide the kiss from anyone seeing, but Jennifer didn’t care. She wanted her Eddie kiss. Her only rule was for Eddie not to flirt with other women. The women flocked to Eddie. He was a superstar Elvis impersonator and had a large fan base. The women loved him, and he would often have to sneak in hugs, but you better not let Jennifer witness the tender hugs we would give to others. Those were her hugs, and she was not having him love on other women.

Jennifer’s most handsome man left this earthly world to be with our Heavenly Father on May 10th, 2021. She was heartbroken but knew her man was finally healed, and she will be able to reunite with him in the future. As they laid him in his final resting place and filled the grave, Jennifer would place flowers on his grave and tell him she would see him later. It wasn’t a goodbye, but a see you later moment because she knows they will soon reunite. Eddie Shaddix’s legacy to his lady Jennifer Parker is pure romance and a love that will never end. Jennifer will forever have her handsome man in her heart and spirit. “He loved me and loved him,” said Jennifer. Eddie will be missed by many, but his time on earth will forever be instilled in the hearts of his fans.