The world-renowned Triumphant Quartet traveled toward Wisconsin for a concert when their tour bus and trailer caught fire around 4:15 in the morning on I-39 just outside of Rockford, IL. The Quartet members were asleep on the bus, but thanks to the driver, Jamie Bramlett, who acted quickly to assure everyone made it off the bus safely. The Triumphant guys essentially made it off the bus with what they were wearing. The group lost everything from their equipment to merchandise sold to help fund their mission. Despite losing everything, the Triumphant guys praised God. “We praise the Lord for His hand of safety and provision.”

The band was scheduled to sing in Dells, WI, and a bus fire would not keep the guys from spreading their love for God to others. “We Can’t Thank Y’all enough for your prayers, calls, texts, and messages of concern. They’ve truly been felt. We were able to make our concert in Dells, WI, and were GREATLY blessed, in many ways, by those in attendance, as well as Scott Fowler and the men of Legacy Five and Greater Vision. We’ve made it safely home to our families, thanks to Hemphill Brothers. We still ask for your continued prayers in the days to come.”

The Triumphant Quartet has a local tie to Cullman. Eric Bennett, Bass Singer, for the Quartet grew up in Battleground, Al, where he would sing in area churches with his brothers and cousins, eventually leading to becoming a Pastor of a Baptist church. Bennett would pastor the church for roughly two years before hearing God’s calling to resign. At the time, Bennett was unaware of why God wanted him to resign, but two weeks later, it was clear. Singing and sharing God’s message through his voice was exactly where the good Lord wanted and needed him to spread the love of Christ.

Although the Quartet lost their bus, equipment, and merchandise, they are continuing with the tour. They will be in Childersburg, AL, on Saturday, May 15th and 16th, singing at the First Baptist Church. The group is scheduled to be in Cullman on October 18th as a fundraiser for the Good Samaritan Clinic singing at Northbrook Baptist Church. They may have had a fire and lost some material things, but by the grace of God, the guys continue to share the “Triumphant” message of Christ through their voices.