Law enforcement in America is in a drastic decline as a profession. As we look across America and see what the world is becoming accustomed to, we realize law enforcement officers are facing a lose-lose battle. These ladies and gentlemen get up every day to serve and protect you no matter what your race, sex, or religious beliefs may be. They suit up and place that badge on their chest in hopes that when it comes time to go home, they are alive and able to see their families. Unfortunately, the world we are living in today doesn’t seem to care about the sacrifices our heroes make day in and day out to assure your safety.

Many Police Officers are leaving the profession to seek other careers or simply retiring early to get out. Why, you may ask? Ask yourself, why would you want to be in a profession where you will get sacrificed by certain groups, political figures, and the mainstream media no matter what you do. Obviously, in any career, there are good and bad. Ask anyone serving in law enforcement, and they will be the first to tell you they want the bad officers removed. A good Police Officer is in the profession to serve and protect, not for the money or luxury of driving a vehicle with blue lights on the top. These ladies and gentleman literally put their life on the line daily, not knowing if they will make it home safely but do you really care? One can say they back the blue, but in reality, if a bad officer does something wrong, we live in a world where the entire profession gets the blame. Fair or not, that is the reality of what law enforcement faces every day. Again, why would you want to put the badge on when you know no matter what you do, the worldly reality is you are in the wrong?

Fortunately, we live in a community where the majority of citizens support and back our local law enforcement. Cullman Police Department, Cullman County Sheriff’s Office, Hanceville Police Department, and Wallace State Police Department employs some of the finest men and women in the business. Our law enforcement officials here in Cullman support the community, support the 2nd amendment, and support living and raising their family in a God-fearing community that will have their back just as much as they have ours.

To the citizens of Cullman County, please don’t buy into the mainstream media, politics, and worldly customs that are ripping our heroes to pieces. Continue “Backing The Blue” so they too can go home safely to their families. Don’t just post on Facebook that you Back The Blue; do something. You can buy their meal when you see one at a local restaurant, send cards to the local departments with encouraging words, simply say thank you when you cross an Officer in public, don’t talk trash when you get pulled over or arrested for your wrongdoings, and most importantly PRAY for them and their families as they are facing some of the most brutal battles law enforcement has ever met.