Flourish of Cullman held a ribbon cutting on Tuesday. Melissa Dew, Executive Director, was happy to be able to cut the ribbon finally. They have been in their current location since 2019, but due to several factors, including the pandemic, they were just now able to officially cut the ribbon.

About Flourish: Flourish of Cullman provides community-based support to individuals with developmental disabilities who would like to live as independently as possible.

Flourish believes that individuals with developmental disabilities are primarily individuals deserving of dignity and respect. They can create and develop their vision and dreams for their lives. They can learn how to manage their own home life, perform actual jobs with competitive pay, and be social among friends within social settings.

Flourish operates by the Live, Work, And Play mentality. The “Live” Service consists of scheduled home visits with a Life Coach. During these visits, the Life Coach will help the individual develop their personal goals for their life. The Life Coach will then assist the individual in determining how well their actions are moving them towards meeting these goals. The Life Coach may also help the individual in the following activities or other areas where they may have a need. The “Work” Service consists of assessment, job readiness, job coaching, and long-term support. The “work” service is 100% funded through the Alabama Department of Rehabilitation Services. The “Play” service supports Flourish of Cullman participants to acquire and maintain meaningful relationships and pursue new friendships. Flourish of Cullman participants obtain solid social skills and confidence necessary to take part in social activities actively.

The social group activities are presented in the form of monthly calendars, which are mailed to individuals electing to participate in the service. These calendars detail local social events and special weekly events and activities that Flourish of Cullman sponsors. The Flourish of Cullman sponsored events ranges from dining at a local restaurant to attending activities such as Bowling, ball games, picnics, museums, and other activities that individuals may suggest (if they appropriate for the group). Suggestions can be presented to the Social Committee, which comprises select members of Flourish who are active within the group. At least two Flourish of Cullman Team Members must attend each sponsored event.

Back Row (L to R): Toby Sellers, Jennifer Murphree, Kathy SimsFront Row (L to R): Lindsay Robinson, Nikki Brooks, Jo Keeton, Melissa Dew, Brooke Hilliar, Laura Nichols, Jacqueline Schendel