Twelve Cullman High School students participated in mock interviews Tuesday morning to be better prepared for their future careers. Reid Huddleston, Starlynn Hagood, Raul Islas, Osbaldo Perez, Devin McDaniel, Morgan Johnson, Angel Silva, and Caden Crook were among the students that had to face the interview process. Each student was tasked with coming up with a resume and answering the tough questions during their interview. The students were graded on first impression, appearance, non-verbal behavior, communication, resume presentation, preparation, selling themselves, and overall confidence. Grades consisted of poor, fair, good, and exceptional. All twelve students from Cullman High School graded out exceptionally well, considering most of them had not been on a professional interview.

Five professionals from around Cullman County were on-site conducting the interviews. Aleah Deboer and Lydia Burgess from Cullman Wellness and Aquatic Center, Enoch Jones with Encore Rehab, Sheri Hilliar with Cullman Electric Cooperative, and Jamie Speakman with Cullman Daily News challenged each student with difficult interview questions. The goal was to set the students up for success by teaching them a more proper way to conduct themselves professionally when speaking to the President or manager at the particular company they could apply for in the future.

“We want all students to succeed in life and be prepared for the real world they are about to face. Cullman High School’s teachers and the administration does a tremendous job preparing students not just for college but for successful career opportunities straight out of high school. Today, facing these students was a little nervous for us, the interviewers, because we didn’t know what to expect when they walked in the door. Still, it was refreshing seeing the professionalism each student had from the time we made eye contact.” said Speakman.