Cullman Police Department Traffic Unit was designed to help with crashes but, more importantly, fatality crashes. Crashes dropped by fourteen percent from 2019 to 2020. In 2019, Cullman Police Department recorded 982 crashes, while 2020 recorded 839. Speeding is always the go-to answer for collisions, among popular opinion but is not much of a factor in crashes involved within Cullman’s city limits. Following too close is, in fact, the leading cause of crashes in Cullman. NOTE – Following too close likely includes distracted driving, including texting while driving.

The leading cause of crashes in Cullman:

1. Follow Too Close (167)

2. Failed to Yield Right-of-Way from Stop Sign (78)

3. Improper Lane Change/Usage (75)

4. Misjudge Stopping Distance (61)

5. Ran Traffic Signal (53)

6. Failed to Yield Right-of-Way making a Left or U-Turn (52)

7. Distraction Outside the Vehicle (37)

8. Improper Backing (32)

9. Failure to Yield Right-of-Way from Private Driveway (30)

10. Distraction Inside Vehicle (29)

At Intersection

1. Crash Occurred at Intersection (512)

2. Crash did not occur at Intersection (327)

The reduction in crashes due to speeding has been heavily influenced by the Cullman Police Department running lidar and increased police presence throughout the community. Lidar blitz details set up throughout the city limits is not a “gotcha”.  It is solely meant to save lives and help limit the number of crashes. The Traffic Unit, along with Cullman Police Department Officers strive to make Cullman the safest place to live and work. “We want to reduce the crashes involved in Cullman. Our goal is to have zero fatality crashes,” said Cullman Police Traffic Homicide Investigator Joey Duncan. “Our police officers and Traffic Unit has done a tremendous job patrolling the City of Cullman, and we would also like to commend the public for their assistance in reporting traffic violations that could result in vehicle crashes.” There were three fatalities recorded during 2020. That is three too many but significantly lower since Cullman Police Department installed the Traffic Unit. 

The number of traffic contacts (citations and warnings) issued to drivers on the roadway, including crash scenes, increased from 2019 to 2020. These numbers are in direct correlation to the reduction in crashes. 

2019- 5,349

2020- 7,640

The City of Cullman is unique because although the population is roughly 16,000 but on weekdays while citizens are working, the number of drivers can easily triple that number. Saturday and Sunday are among the lowest days with traffic crashes.

Day of Week

1. Friday (162)

2. Thursday (156)

3. Wednesday (148)

4. Monday (132)

5. Tuesday (127)

6. Saturday (67)

7. Sunday (47)

As a side note, Females are involved in fewer crashes than males. 

Driver Gender

1. Male (443)

2. Female (358)

3. Unknown (15) (Leaving Scene of Crash)

4. No Driver (3) (Pedestrian)

Cullman Daily would like to thank Cullman Police Department for a job well done. Your selfless act to keep the Cullman community safe does not go unrecognized.