The Cold Springs Eagles are ready to put the bats to use when they take the field next Friday, February 19th, in the battle of the Eagles. Cold Springs will host Vinemont to open the season. Head Coach Wesley McSwain said, “We are excited about being back out on the field competing after the way last year ended. We are in a region with three other excellent teams that always put a quality product out on the field. The boys have already put in a lot of work this year and have made good progress. We still have a lot to work on, but we are getting better every day. There will be some young, new faces filling some essential spots in our lineup. We will depend on senior leadership to help the younger ones get comfortable in their new roles.” 

Senior Andrew Weaver is ready to take on a leadership role throughout the season. The Eagles have some young talent but will count on the upperclassmen’s experience to help them along the way. 

Weaver on the upcoming season, “I was pretty upset we didn’t get to finish out the season last year. I thought we had a good chance to make it to the playoffs. This year I feel like we have a solid team, and I am looking forward to playing my senior year. I am happy with the guys on my team, and I think we will have another great year.” 

Good Luck to the Cold Springs Eagles on their 2021 season.