Cullman City School Board hires Kyle Kalloff to take the place of retiring Superintendent Dr. Susan Patterson. Kalloff has been the Superintendent of the Demopolis City School system since 2015, where he was named Superintendent of the Year for the School Superintendents of Alabama in District 2 in 2018. Cullman City School Board approved the hire unanimously. Kalloff’s exact start date and salary are set to be negotiated, and he will take over following the retirement of current Superintendent Dr. Susan Patterson in July.

Cullman City School Board President is excited about the new approval and looking for a smooth transition. “We are excited to be able to get someone with Mr. Kahlhoff’s experience level and background. He will be an excellent fit for our schools and community. We are thankful for the leadership Dr. Patterson has given us over the last six years and are glad to be able to make this appointment early, so we have a smooth transition.” 

Kalloff and his family are looking forward to relocating to Cullman. “My family and I are looking forward to the transition to Cullman and embedding ourselves in the community and all that the city of Cullman has to offer.”

About Kyle Kalloff:

1. Tell us about yourself?

I am originally from Cantonment, Florida, and moved to Mobile to attend the University of South Alabama in 1994. I am a first-generation college graduate and the son of a Sheet Metal Shop Foreman and Cosmetologist. I have been married for 21 years, and my wife and I are blessed with four children. I chose education as my career because I wanted to make an impact in the lives of children with special needs. After seven years as a high school special education teacher, I began an administrative journey that escalated quickly to serving as an Assistant Superintendent in Fairfield County, South Carolina, at the age of 34. After two years in South Carolina, we came back to Alabama to serve as an Assistant Superintendent and Director of Instruction in Clarke County for two years and one year working for Software Technology, Inc.

2. How long have you been in education, and specifically, how long have you served as Superintendent?

I am in my 23rd year of education, 21 of which in Alabama and one as an educational technology consultant. I was appointed as the inaugural Superintendent and first employee of the Chickasaw City School System in June of 2012. After serving in Chickasaw for three years, I accepted the superintendent position in Demopolis. I have been fortunate to work with strong, student-centered Boards of Education, which was one of the attractions to the Cullman City School System.

3. What are your most significant accomplishments while at Demopolis?

In my 8 ½ years as a superintendent, I have been strategic in surrounding myself around great educators and people. Any accomplishment that I have achieved was a group effort that started with a shared vision. A few accomplishments in my time in Demopolis include increased ACT scores and graduates being prepared for college and work, career technical education programs more aligned with the local workforce needs, students and teachers have improved access to modern technology, and STEM Education as well as performing and visual arts are offered consistently in all grades.

4. Cullman City Schools are currently excellent but could always be improved. What are the plans you have to make Cullman City Schools better?

The Cullman City School System is one of the top 10 systems in Alabama. In order to be one of the top school systems, you must have great employees, strong students and families, and supportive stakeholders. In my first few months as Superintendent, I will look closely at student achievement, program, and demographic data while working with central office administrators and school-based administrators to find the strengths and areas of improvement. We will celebrate what is working well and collaboratively create steps for improvement in the areas that need more attention.

5. How do you feel as Cullman City School Superintendent you can work with the Cullman City Council and Cullman City School Board to put Cullman at the top of the state’s list?

I have built a career based on integrity, professionalism, and collaboration. Collaborating with school boards and city leaders is essential in order for any school system to be successful. I have spoken to several people who currently live in Cullman or are from the area, and all of them told me that they want the best schools possible for the City of Cullman. Having one of the best school systems in Alabama is a common bond I will have with all city leaders and stakeholders. I look forward to meeting and working with the Cullman city leaders and listening to their vision for the students of the Cullman City School System. The current strategic plan for the Cullman City School System is near its expiration. Creating a new five-year, community-driven strategic plan will serve as an avenue to not only hear the vision of city leaders but hear the vision of all stakeholders of the Cullman City School System.