Cullman Regional received the facility’s first shipment of the Pfizer COVID-19 Vaccine this morning. Cullman Regional plans to administer the first round of vaccines to employees on Tuesday, December 15.

“We will prioritize administration of the vaccine in accordance with the federal and state-approved guidelines that have been provided to us,” said Cullman Regional Chief Medical Officer William Smith, MD. “We hope to eventually provide vaccines to all members of our healthcare team; however, we are currently working to vaccinate those frontline team members that are at highest risk of exposure.”

Cullman Regional was one of 13 health systems in the State of Alabama selected to provide vaccinations to frontline healthcare workers in the first round of vaccination distributions. According to information provided by Alabama Department of Public Health, the State of Alabama will receive an initial allocation of 40,950 Pfizer Vaccines which will be distributed to 13 health systems and 15 different locations. Of that total, Cullman Regional will receive 1,950 vaccinations which will be distributed to EMS Staff (15% of allocation), Physicians (15% of allocation), Hospital Staff (50% of allocation), additional hospital and physicians in a 40-mile radius (20% of allocation).

Cullman Regional has set up a Vaccination Clinic for frontline health care workers which will begin this week. Vaccines will be given by appointment only in order to accommodate all parties in a timely manner. The vaccine requires each dose to be defrosted prior to use and must be used within a limited timeframe; therefore, appointments will be required in order to ensure efficient use of all allocated vaccinations.

Any outside hospitals and physicians interested in receiving vaccination information, should contact (256) 737-2754 for additional instructions. For more information about Cullman Regional, call at (256) 737-2000 or visit online at