Kyler Frost, a nine-year-old from Hayden, was surprised on Saturday at 4D Farm  with a new Lego set, a lifetime pass to the Farm, and $500 cash. 

After 4D Farm owners, Beth and Rusty Daniels, were made aware of Kyler’s story from the past four years; they couldn’t help but want to make Kyler’s Christmas a little extra special this December. Along with the help of 4D Farm partners AK Rental, Premier Bank, and Alfa -Talisa Shikle, Kyler left the Farm with a smile on his face and memories that will be cherished for a lifetime. 

Rewind four years ago – Kyler was just your typical kindergartner from Hayden Primary School who loved playing t-ball and spending time with his friends. The week of November 12, 2016, Kyler fractured his femur playing t-ball. As devastating as that must be for a little guy, it was all about to get much worse. Two weeks after Kyler fractured his femur, Hayden Primary took the kindergarten class on a field trip to none other than 4D Farm. Although Kyler was in a knee immobilizer for his first-ever field trip, he was making the best of being there until he suddenly got sick. Kyler’s mother felt it would be best to leave the field trip early and take him to Children’s Hospital in Birmingham to be examined. After several tests were ran, Kyler was released to go home. Jennifer, Kyler’s mom, left the hospital with him and headed back to Hayden to let him rest for the evening. But before they could make it to home, Jennifer received a nightmare call for a mother. “Kyler has Leukemia, and we need you to get back to the hospital as soon as possible.” Frost nervously asked his mom if he would have to have more pokes, but he kept optimistic throughout and said while on his way back to Children’s, “at least I still have my armband on,” Kyler said. 

Kyler went into remission on January 5, 2017, and still had three and a half years of chemotherapy left to be done. On that day, his oncologist presented him with a signed game baseball. Kyler Frost took more than 1,399 days of daily medications throughout his journey. His daily dosage ranged from chemotherapy, steroids, or antibiotics. On February 20, 2020, Kyler took had final treatment of chemotherapy.

October 18, 2020,  Kyler was all smiles as he knew he had been cured of Leukemia and was able to make the return to 4D Farm to finish out his field trip from four years ago. Ironically, a film crew was on the farm filming kids enjoying the Farm for a promotional video. One crew member talked to Kyler’s mom and grandmother while the other crew member was filming Kyler and his sister. The news of what had happened with Kyler was told to the film crew, and they knew Beth and Rusty would want to know. 

You see, Beth and Rusty are good country folks with a heart of gold. After hearing the news, Beth immediately knew she wanted to do something for Kyler. She thought maybe we could go ahead and have them come back, and we can give him a lifetime pass to the Farm. Beth and Rusty thought about it and knew they wanted to do much more. Beth spoke to one of the film crew members who obtained Jennifer’s cell phone number and had him reach out to Jennifer to see if she could bring Kyler back to the Farm on the opening day of the first-ever Christmas on the Farm at 4D Farm. “We want to make his Christmas extra special and have a few gifts for him.” Needless to say, Kyler’s eyes were filled with joy as Beth and Rusty revealed the gifts. 

Some would say it was a coincidence the film crew ran upon Kyler and his family that beautiful fall day, but we say it was God’s divine plan to put the right people in the right place and allow them to cross paths.