After being hospitalized due to complications from COVID-19, long time West Point Softball Assistant Coach Mike Brown is still in need of your prayers. Below, you can find an update from the family of Coach Brown on his condition:

Yesterday, Mike was retested for Covid 19. His results now came back negative so they were able to do the EEG. 

Today, we learned results which were that there was minimal cranial nerve responses, meaning there was not a lot of brain activity. Mike has not had sedation in two days, but to make sure there is no sedation left, they are going to be repeating the EEG in 48 hours to officially confirm. If the EEG is still the same when the results come back, Rhonda, Delton, and Makayla will be making some very heart wrenching decisions. This is a very heartbreaking time for all of them. Please keep them in your thoughts and prayers. The love, support, and prayers are all felt and appreciated so much! Rhonda is not responding a lot, because she is very overwhelmed, but she asks me to thank every one of you and appreciates you more than you will ever know.