Six-year-old Maribelle Brock read the book “America’s White Table” as an assignment for her homeschool class. Maribelle was so intrigued by the book’s meaning; she wanted to take it a step further and show the Cullman community the symbolism behind the “White Table” for Veterans Day.

Since the end of the Vietnam War, the white table has been seen in many dining establishments to represent the Army, Navy, Air Force, and Marine Corps. The table is set up to honor those who have served in America’s Armed Forces.

The small table represents one soldier’s lonely battle against many. A white cloth is placed on the table to honor a soldier’s pure heart when he answers his country’s call to duty. The lemon slice is to show a captive soldier’s bitter fate. Grains of salt are placed on the table to show the tears of families waiting for loved ones to return. An empty chair is placed at the table to symbolize the missing soldiers who are not here. A black napkin is placed on the white cloth for the sorrow of captivity. The glass you see that it turned over, represents the meal that will never be eaten. A white candle is placed for peace, and the red rose in a vase tied with a red ribbon shows hope for the return of all of our missing soldiers to return someday.

As we remember and celebrate our Veterans tomorrow, reflect back on the freedoms we have as we live in the greatest nation on earth. Thank you to each and every Veteran for your dedication and sacrifice for our FREEDOM. A special thank you to Maribelle Brock for honoring our Veterans in a special way. Did we mention, Maribelle is six?