Savannah Federer, age 18 of Holly Pond, is proud to be an American, to say the least. With the help of her parents, Shannon and Chad, Savannah took Hay People to a whole new level. She constructed and painted a mural of President Donald Trump on hay bales.

It is impressive to see our youth not only be this artistic but proud to be a patriotic American who loves her country and president.

“I had so much fun working on this. My mom helped me out on a few things, and my dad set it up (even though he thought I was crazy😂). I love being an American and a farmer’s daughter where things like this are possible.” – Savannah Federer

“I had a blast working on this with my daughter. After seeing photos similar to this, she wanted to do something along the same lines. So after making a few adjustments by putting her twist on it, this is what she came up with. I’m so thankful she understands the importance on voting for an incumbent that holds the same values as we do.” – Shannon Federer