The City of Cullman Announced in the October 12th city council meeting, residential garbage services will be changing to an automated system. The new garbage containers starting getting delivered today and will continue each day until all Cullman residents have one container. An additional container can be requested through the City of Cullman Sanitation Department and delivered after every resident receives the initial container.

Sam Dillender, Superintendent of the sanitation department, said the new automated system would start running on November 9th. The drivers have been going through extensive training. The goal is to get each driver to around 15-20 seconds per stop.

Obviously, with any change comes controversy and dissatisfied customers. The ultimate goal is to provide the safest environment for sanitation employees’ while being more efficient with taxpayer dollars.

The new automated system will go smoothly with patience and cooperation from the residents. Attached are guidelines provided by the City of Cullman:

-Place carts no further than three (3) feet off the roadway.

-There are arrows on the front of the cart. The arrows should be pointing toward the street.

-The cart should be placed on the opposite linear/horizontal side of your mailbox, if possible. (For example, if you stand facing your driveway and your mailbox is on the left-hand side, then your cart will need to be on the right-hand side of your driveway.)

-Place the cart at least four (4) feet from poles, fire hydrants, or any other obstacles and at least ten (10) feet away from vehicles.

-Please do not place the cart on the other side of a ditch as the mechanical arm will not reach that far.

-All garbage must be inside the City of Cullman Sanitation garbage cart, and all garbage must be bagged. Any garbage not placed in a City of Cullman Sanitation garbage cart WILL NOT BE COLLECTED. Old trash cans may not be used as they are not designed to withstand the force of the mechanical gripper on the truck.

-DO NOT put yard debris, rocks, dirt, building and construction debris, hot or flammable items, hazardous materials, or chemicals in your cart. (The City of Cullman offers a large item pickup for an additional fee. Please call Sanitation to schedule this service.)

-Please have your cart out by 5:00 a.m. on the day of service. Garbage not out by this time will not be picked up until the following week.

-If you are moving, please call Sanitation to pick up the cart. If the cart is missing, an additional $60.00 fee will be added to your final bill for the cost of the container.

-Every cart has a serial number assigned to the address to which it is delivered. It is a criminal offense to remove a City of Cullman cart without permission from the City of Cullman Sanitation Department.

-Service days WILL NOT CHANGE. If you are unsure what day your garbage is picked up, refer to the Sanitation Quadrants map or contact the Sanitation Department.